Veronica Leiton

Fine Art

"I believe in the music of the universe, in its melody and in its silence. I believe in the various systems that loosen and tense, as well as in the cold and heat; in light and shadow; the straight and the curve; the game of complementary colors." 

-Veronica Leiton



Inner & Outer Worlds | 2014


Soul's Landscapes | 2013


Mistral's Chromatic Metaphors in Mexico | 2010



Veronica was born in Santiago Chile in April 1964 but she lives in Juarez City, Mexico 23 years ago.  As a Visual Artist, she has dedicated thirty-three years of her life to the Painting ́s World, experimented mostly with oil painting, mono-serigraph, aquatint, “Colorgrafía” (patented in Chile), fumage, acrylic and watercolor.   She has exhibited in around 75 solo exhibitions and 80 Collectives in 10 countries: Mexico, Chile, United States, Cuba, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Greece, Germany and Switzerland.

Personal Info

  •   Chihuaha, México


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