My curriculum


Born in Santiago, Chile in 1964. She studied Audiovisual Communication specialized in Film Making at the Professional Institute of Art and Social Sciences in Santiago. (ARCIS) She studied at the National School of Craftmanship getting the title of Master in Goldsmith. She also studied engraving and monoprint at Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles, Ca.

Throughout her career, Veronica has exhibited in 150 solo and group
exhibitions in most of Mexico and the US; Cuba and Chile. In Europe, Greece, Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Thirty-five years dedicated to her Art results in Artworks of various techniques: monoprint, aquatint, “colorgrafía”, fumage, acrylic, watercolor, but most of it, Oil and a  13.1′ monumental bronze sculpture called “Flor de Arena” (Sand Flower) dedicated to Women Killed in Juarez. She has published 4 book and participated in the most important Auction’s house in Latinamerica, Louise C. Morton in 2015.

She is represented by:
• Galería Arte XXI. Distrito Federal.

She lives 24 years ago in the north of Mexico, Juarez City.

These are her most important exhibitions:


  • 35 años de color (35 years of color) Solo Exhibition at La Rodadora Museum. Juarez City.
  • 8th Annual Scottsdale Fine Art & Wine Festival. Scottsdale, AZ


  • South West Arts Festival at Indio, CA.
  • Watefront Art Festival at Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival AZ.


  • Waterfront Art Festival at Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Latin American Arts Festival at San Diego, CA.
  • Artwalk San Diego at Little Italy, CA.
  • San Diego Festival of the Arts at Waterfront San Diego.
  • Solo exhibition Invisible Universes at Casa Chihuahua during the Chihuahua´s International Festival.


  • “La Huella” Collective Exhibition in the Centro Cultural de la Frontera, Autonomous University of Juarez.
  • Sewing Universes, A Sisterhood Web in remembrance of the International day of Women, rendering an account of the Scholarship David Alfaro Siqueiros 2015 – 2016.


  • Invisible Universes, solo exhibition at Agave Rosa Gallery en El Paso, Tx. E.U.A.
  • “Colours and metals” Group exhibition in Casa Redonda Museum, in the International Festival of Chihuahua. August.
  • “Retrospective” Solo exhibition at the Consulate of Mexico in Phoenix, AZ. May.


Serie Internal – External Worlds, solo exhibition of 30 pieces of large format to celebrate 30 years of her work presented on the gallery Arte XXI in Mexico City, later in Paso del Norte Cultural Center in Juarez City. Mx


  • Invited to the Collective Exhibition of Art “Between Junctions” done by the University of Luxembourg and the museum Casa de las Americas in Miami, FL
  • Participates in the collective exhibition for Latin American Art at the Carrousel Gallery of the Louvre Museum, also, published her third catalogue – book Paisajes del Alma (Soul Landscapes) Paris, France.


  • Sculpted “Flor de Arena” (Sand Flower) a monumental sculpture in bronze 14’ high, for the “Cotton Field Memorial” done to commemorate the victims of femicide. Juarez City. Mexico
  • Participated in the Art’s Biennale of Chihuahua. Mx


Participated in the catalogue – book of the expo Art of NYC.


  • “Chromatic Metaphores of Gabriela Mistral in Mexico” Solo exhibition at the Metropolitan Gallery of Mexico City.
  • Exposition at the Kind Familie Umwelt Foundation in Vienna, Austria.
  • Méthaphores Chromatiques en Echomusee Gallerie. Paris, France.


Participated at the Biennale in Athens, Greece.

Awards and honors:

2018 –  2019

  • Finalist at the XI Alfredo Zalce Contemporary Art Bienale at Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico.
  • Finalist at the Artis of tue Year Conquest by Circle Foundation of Arts. Lyon, France. 

2016 – 2017

Finalist at the conquest PLATFORM Artist of the Year by Red Wood Media Group & Art Brand Studios. Exhibiting in Art Expo NY, Spectrum Miami, Art San Diego & Art Santa Fe.


  • Awarded the medal for her contribution of the strengthening to the
    relations between Mexico and Chile. Delivered by Mrs. President Michelle Bachelet. Mexico City
  • State – Federal mexican grant “David Alfaro Siqueiros” for the investigation “Invisible Universes” Chihuahua. Mx

2009 – 2010

Award winner given by the Cultural Affairs from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile


Chihuahua prize winner given by the State Government of Chihuahua. Mx


First Place in the Painting Competition Chihuahua. Chihuahua, Chih. Mx

2005 – 2006

Grant from the Juarez City Fund. Chihuahua, Mx


Second Place at the National Film and Video Festival in Colima. Mx


State – Federal mexican grant “David Alfaro Siqueiros” for professional artists. Chihuahua. Mx


Honorable Mention in the Biennial Paso del Norte. Cd. Juarez, Chih. Mx


Scholarship from the Academy of Engraving and monoprint Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles, USA.

Articles in the web:

• Metáforas Cromáticas de la Mistral en México, solo exhibition.

• Agora Gallery. NYC.

• In Perrysburg, Ohio.

• Inner – External Worlds Exhibition. Arte XXI Gallery.
Virtual Catalogue.

• Soul´s Landscape. Serie

• Solo exhibitions at Juarez, Chihuahua.

• At Agave Rosa Gallery. El Paso, Tx

• “Encuentros en la plástica”. Colective Exhibition in Juarez, Chihuahua. Mx celebrating 50 years of the City´s Museum.

• Imaginary Landscapes at Phoenix, AZ.

• Sand´s Flower, Monumental Sculpture at the “Campo Algodonero” Memorial in Juarez, Chihuahua, in remmembrance of the femicide victims in this city.

About her creative process:

At the Morton´s Auction House:;NICA-LEITON,-Realidades-invisibles,-de-la-serie-Mun&salelot=738++++++170+&refno=++327947
Auction´s House Catalogue:

At River House Gallery:!__leiton