Veronica Leiton’s  Statement


The different universes invisible to our eyes intertwine, multiply and expand again and again as in the birth of the universe.

According to research carried out by NASA and the projections from satellites orbiting our planet Earth, has concluded that the expansion of the Universe is increasingly accelerated and there is a nervous system very similar to human that connects and unifies, by a powerful energy, all the planets of our galaxy and other solar systems. In this energy, it is constantly manifesting the change and the law of contrast in different scales and dimensions.

I believe in the music of the Universe, its melody and silence. In the opposed systems like cold and heat, light and shadow, straight line and curve; the interplay of complementary colors in the different palettes of various worlds. It is an endless counterpoint that contains the Unit coexisting with the variety and heterogeneous elements together as the four elements.

My creative proposal is an attempt to capture the invisible worlds that are connecting and communicating each other: the cellular world (Micros), to our planetary world and other worlds (Macros). Within the work, the different planes are juxtaposed, the four elements counterbalance, interact and produce a kind of cosmic explosion and implosion; air, land, water & fire are protagonists in each fragment.

Synthesizing, Unity and Variety are the cornerstones of Universal Harmony and Artistic Expression.

My research is not based on inspiration. I believe more in a daily work to achieve the real artists craft. For this I experiment, research and fit a topic until make it feels deeply like the beat of my heart.